Orchids Galore! at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Each year the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden kicks off its celebration of spring with “Orchids Galore”, featuring hundreds of the exotic blooms. Exhibits and seminars are planned through April 22, 2012, to highlight the special features of the orchids, as well as their journey from points all over the globe to their ultimate caretakers and purchasers. The North Wing of the Conservatory will be covered in displays of live orchids; all included in general admission to the Garden.

On Wednesdays and Sundays at 2:00 PM, and Saturdays at 10:00 AM, the Garden will host free (with admission) drop-in sessions to learn more about orchids. Themes include conservation, habitat loss, identification, photography, growing, raising and protecting these stunning blooms.

Also on exhibit at the Garden is the collection of Reichenbachia, named for German orchidologist Henrich Gustav Reichenbach. Visitors will enjoy a rare treat as they view “large-scale, 19th-century chromolithographs” made from hand-painted, life-sized renderings of real orchids. The collection takes visitors back to the days when “plant-hunters” actively raced around the globe searching for new specimens to catalog. The Reichenbachia are on loan by Dr. Arthur Burke, expert orchid grower and presenter of several of the drop-in sessions.

Orchids Galore kicks off the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens springtime celebration: “A Million Blooms”. Garden enthusiasts can time their visit perfectly to see the last days of the orchid exhibits and the first days of Virginia Garden Week which overlap in late April. Nothing can complete a garden-themed visit like a stay at one of the Historic Richmond Inns. Enjoy gourmet breakfast, premium accommodations and world-renowned hospitality between visits to some of Virginia’s most popular horticultural events. Spring in Virginia is nearly here – have you secured your luxury Richmond bed-and-breakfast accommodations yet? Don’t wait!

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